Make Your Fence Waterproof


Picket_Blank_FenceA fence mainly serves as a protective barrier; it also provides privacy and many other purposes. Since fences are exposed to different weather conditions and installing a fence requires considerable cost, it is necessary to value your investment by keeping your fence well-maintained.

Making your fence waterproof is one way to protect your fence from building up decay that leads to serious damages. Here are some ways to waterproof your fence and maintain that superior condition for years.

Clean Wood Fences

Regular cleaning of wood fences can minimize damage. Dirt and debris covering the wood and were not removed for a long time will lead to decay, shortening the fence’s life and reducing its appeal.

Apply Waterproofer

Before waterproofing, the wood fence should be cleaned up completely with a special cleaning solution. Spray the solution on the wood’s surface and for around 15 minutes, let it soak in. When the solution sets, use a stiff brush to scrub the fence and then with water, rinse it away. To avoid moisture to be locked into the wood that causes decay, it is wise to let the wood fence to dry totally for around three days.

With a sprayer or an applicator pad, apply the waterproofer. Make the layer application thin and neat. Continue working till the fence surface is completely covered.

Test Wood for Waterproofing/Weatherproof

At some time, there will be noticeable reduction of waterproofing and also weathering on the fence’s wood surface. To keep the wood surface from deteriorating, it is necessary to maintain the wood fence as weatherproof. Check if the waterproof barrier in your wood fences is effective by making this simple test. Sprinkle some water on the wood surface and observe what happens. When the wood turned darker in color for a few seconds it shows that the wood absorbed the water. This signifies that an additional waterproof barrier coat is needed on the wood.  However, if the water stays like beads on the wood surface, the waterproofing is enough and additional application is not needed.

With simple maintenance, you can keep your fences sturdy, attractive, and functional for years.


Using Oil to Bring Back the Luster in Your Paling Fences

Throughout time, wooden fences will lose its luster. It will look old and faded because of its exposure to the elements. It is natural for the wood to look old and dry or moist up but with the help of oil, you can restore the look of your paling fences and make it look like new. The natural process of any cut timber is that it will bleed out its natural oil to preserve its life and luster but since it was cut all the oil it has inside will eventually be consumed. Once the oil is gone, it will be prone to getting dry and it will eventually decay.

One solution to decay problems is to paint the wood. Painting the timber will certainly make the timber look good. But the downside here is that you will not see the natural grain beauty of the timber. Once you painted the timber either white or brown or any color you want remember it is going to be hard to undo this. It is not going to be easy to scrape off the paint in the future even with thinner and paint remover. The paint will destroy the luster of the timber and what you have to do is just to repaint it again.

If you have preserved the natural looking grains of the fence, then don’t go painting it yet to make it look new again. Oiling is the best solution to make the wood like new again. Oil sinks inside the grains of the wood. What this does is make the timber feel like it is new again. It also makes the wood resist decay. If you will notice, the natural grains will not be rough anymore but have a smoother texture. Use proper timber oil and brush for oil application.

By oiling your fences, you make it more mould and water resistant. The timber will refuse to crack or blister. You will make your fence more durable. It is never too late to think about restoring the luster of your paling fence. You can restore its new look with just a simple oil application.

Replacing Picket Fences in Melbourne: How to Properly Replace Damaged Planks

Throughout time, your fences will grow old and you will probably have to replace your fence. If you have the budget to replace everything, well and good if you don’t there is a way to replace only the damaged slats and restore your fences to look like new.

If you have a wooden fence, it is most likely to show its age in about 10 years depending on the weather conditions and the wood treatment and hardiness. Merbau timber is one of the toughest timbers that you can install as a fence. Even if you have the toughest timber they still will grow old and can be damaged.

So, how do you properly repair the damaged planks?

First off, go over the fences and count the number of planks you need to be replaced. You do not want to make two trips to you’re the hardware to buy fencing supplies in Melbourne. If you have 16 planks to replace, buy about 20 planks. You never can tell if you might need an extra plank replaced. It is better that you have more supplies than the exact number.

Before you go to the supplier, bring with you one plank as a sample if you do not know the model of the timber. The store will be able to help you look for the timber that matches what you need.

Once you have bought all the timber and supplies you need. Remove the damaged planks. Hammer the new planks or screw them in place. If your planks are painted, sand off your newly replaced planks before painting them. It is best to paint the whole fence once you are done replacing the planks so that you can have that uniform look. If you are going for the natural color of the wood, you will have to sand off everything, both old and new planks to make it look like new.

Finally, brush varnish on the wood. This helps the fence look like new and also makes the wood resist decay. Save money and replace damaged planks properly instead of redoing the whole fence.

Quality Wood Fences for Your Home

Getting quality fence for your home is one the best investments that you can get for your house. There are different quality materials which you can use for your property. Quality wood fences have a life span of 20 years at least with exception of course to concrete fences. Steel fence also have a lifespan of about 20-25 years before the rust kicks in. Choosing a wood can be difficult but also rewarding.

These are some of the best options when you choose timber available in the market:

  1. Merbau – This type of wood is quality hardwood which stands the pressure of the elements. You can use this both outdoors and indoors. As a fence, there are pre-cut Merbau picket fences or long 4 x 2 timber which can serve as a wood plank. This is perfect for fencing swimming pools.
  2. Red Cedar – This timber has a good nature feel. Its dark grains look better not painted. It has that red and brownish color that looks great for property lining. It is best as 6 to 8 foot panels. This wood stands the tests of the elements. It is naturally resistant to moisture and insect infestation.
  3. White Oak – This type of wood is great for decorative purposes. It is great because of its ray fleck patterns. Although the wood is mostly used for furniture, flooring and veneer, the wood is not to be mistaken only for its decorative purposes but can withstand the elements. This is not to be mistaken from red oak as well. Although the color can be closely deceiving, white oaks are much more resistant to rot and can withstand rain.
  4. Pressure Treated Lumber – Pressure treatment can give an ordinary wood like Pine a longer life span. There are different lumbers to choose from which are affordable.

If you are not sure with which timber to choose, you can always consult with a timber supplier. They will educate you on different types of timber to use for your fence. Timber suppliers are the best people to talk to when it comes to fencing. There are precut timber and also made to order timber which suits your style and budget. Contact the nearest timber supplier for a quotation.

What to look for in Timber Suppliers in Melbourne

When shopping for timber supplies, you have to rely on expert suppliers. There are different reliable timber suppliers in Melbourne. All you have to do is check their profile and their range of products. If you are to check out their products, they should range from hardwoods, softwoods, decking woods, flooring and doors.

If you are to shop on your own, you have to look for the certified seal that passed quality control. There are timber supplies which do not pass Australia standards. Make sure you check the seal before investing your money on them.

Pre-cut timber. There are pre-cut timber that would normally fit your needs. Timber can be used for foundation, decking, steps and the like. Reliable suppliers have precut lumber that are used for different needs. You do not even have to give them the measurements of what you need and they will be able to provide what you are looking for. There are standard measurements for steps, pathways and decks. If your needed timber is of standard size, it is more likely that they will have precut timber.

Can easily customize your timber supply needs. Most lumber suppliers do not have this capability. Some will be able to provide you with what you need but you will have to wait about a week or so for your order to be delivered. Suppliers who have their own cutters can easily customize your timber needs and you can get your material within 48 hours.

Suppliers with a large warehouse are most likely reliable suppliers. Choosing different types of timber from a wide range of options tells you that the supplier can deliver material which you need. Supplies can be stacked indoors or outdoors. Some suppliers have different species of timber from different origins.

So, the next time you buy timber supplies make sure that they are of quality grade and the drying method used on them of standard. You should also compare prices and bulk order costing. Some suppliers give big discounts for bulk order. It is always good to ask and shop around before you make the actual purchase.

Installing Electric Gates for Your Driveway

Installing an electric gate is a big home improvement. This kind of investment is actually a great home improvement that everyone should consider for their homes. It definitely is more expensive than an ordinary gate but is it worth the expense and is it that much expensive? If you are having second thoughts about upgrading to an electric gated driveway, here are the pros and cons of having an electronically controlled gate for your driveway:

electronic gates


  1. ConvenienceOn a rainy day, you need not go down your car and open the gates. You just have to press the remote button and the gate will open on itself. Even on a sunny day and on occasions where you think you are going to be late for work, having an electric gate will save you those precious minutes for you to be able to reach work on time.
  2. Added SecurityHaving an electric gate is added security. You have access to your gate and you alone (and of course the people you give access to your code). You can prevent unwanted guests from entering your premises.
  3. Adds Value to Your PropertyIf you think that it is expensive to install a gate, it actually is a bit expensive but this addition to your home also adds value to your property. If you are to sell your property in the future, an electric gate is definitely a plus point for your offer.


  1. PriceAn electric gate will definitely cost more than an ordinary gate for a driveway.
  2. Electricity requirementsYou need to have electricity connected to your gate for it to operate. If there are power outages, then you will have to resort to opening the gate manually.
  3. Malfunctionif your electric gate is not properly installed you might get irritated by it malfunctioning every now and then. Make sure you get an electric gate installed by a professionally trusted company.

Getting this home improvement is not going to be expensive in a sense that you will be able to use it for your convenience and add value to your property, not to mention added property security. Think about installing one for your home now.

5 Advantages of Having an Electric Gate for Your Driveway

Buying a house of your own is a major investment. An investment like this needs safety and security. Placing an all around fence is the solution and topping it off with an electric gate for your driveway is the best way to protect your investment. As contrary to common belief, electronically controlled driveway gates are not as expensive as they used to be. Installing a automatic gate might just be the added renovation you need for your home.

Here are some advantages to having an automatic gate installed:

  1. Convenience – with just a press of a button you can open the gate without going down from your vehicle. An automatic gate gives you this convenience. It saves time. It saves you the couple of seconds you need not to be late for work. Having this control lets you stay in the car especially in rainy days. You will not get wet. You can easily enter and exit your property with ease and efficiency.
  2. Home Security – Private gates prevent unwanted visitors, animals or cars from entering your property. Integrate this with CCTVs then you are all set with your home security. It is always better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to protecting your home from unwanted guests.
  3. Safety of Children and Pets – Aside from putting a physical boundary on your property, a gated and fenced property keeps children and pets from going outside your property. An automatically controlled gate is the best protection for the kid’s safety since you are the only one who can access it with the security remote that you have.
  4. Increase of Property Value – This certainly adds value to your property. A driveway with an automatic gate can add up to 5% to the market value of your home. People always love a stylish and convenient gate, much more an automatic gate.
  5. Added Style to Your Home – Having an automatic gate definitely adds style to your home. Seeing that gate open and close on its own is a stylistic statement in itself. How much more if the gate is a wooden in-fill automatic bi parting gate?

Enjoy these advantages when you have an automatic gate installed in your home.

Timber Paling Fences: DIY Planning and Building Tips

timber paling fences MelbourneWell-designed, well-built timber paling fences add safety and aesthetic value to any property. They are functional and relatively affordable. So whether you want your fence to serve as a subtle backdrop or as the focal point of your yard or garden, whether you want to downplay or emphasize a certain feature in your property, below is a helpful guide in designing and constructing a fence that will meet your needs and fit your style:

Make sure you are able to handle the project.

Building a fence is not an extremely complicated job, but you have to be comfortable with some basic building methods or techniques and tools. Begin with a visit to your local suppliers for timber paling fences Melbourne. For sure, they’ll be more than glad to discuss your fencing project, answer all your questions, and give you up-to-date information you need to put up your timber fence with best results. If you think, you are uncomfortable doing the job on your own, you can also inquire about local professional builders who can do it for you.

Define the function of your fence.

Although timber fences serve a number of function, protection and privacy are the most popular. In most designs, the degree of transparency and the height are the things you can adjust in order to find a good balance between protection and privacy. A taller timber fence provides a higher level of protection and privacy, but it can also make too much of an enclosed feeling. Thin and lattice picket fences are visually appealing but provide less privacy and protection compared to paling fences with closely spaced boards. Most fence designs fall into several height categories. So it’s always wise to check on your local fencing policies on height.

Plan ahead.

Identify your properly lines and mark the path for your fence using stakes. To avoid dispute with your neighbour, make sure your fence will stand a bit inside of the property demarcation boundary. Defining these lines will also let you estimate the amount of fencing materials you need.

Find out if a permit is required. Prior to finalizing your plan, make sure you’re aware of zoning regulations, and check for visual clearance, height limit, and acceptable distance from the road. It’s also helpful to have your fence plan on graphing paper which includes the dimensions and other details such as grade adjustments and the location of gate/s. This is an excellent resource when you’re developing your list of fencing supplies and materials, and estimate of costs.

Choose the right fencing materials.

Some of the most popular materials include pressure treated timber and natural wood. Pressure treated timber is weather- and insect-resistant and requires significantly less maintenance. Natural woods such as redwood, cedar, and cypress are stunning and easy to work with, but need a tad more maintenance to shield them from natural elements. High quality fencing materials are of course provided by professional, reliable timber paling fences Melbourne suppliers.

How to Deal with a Fencing Dispute with Your Neighbour

Fence disputes are among the most common causes of disagreements between neighbours. In fact, the Dispute Settlement Centre in Victoria reported an increase of more than 5% in the total number of cases of fence disputes, with almost 20,000 Victorian property owners seeking advice on settling their fencing issues with their neighbours.  The disagreements over fences often involve the location of the fence or whether it is necessary; who should shoulder the expenses; which neighbour should do the work; who should maintain it; and even what type of fence should be built.

fencing supplies

fencing supplies Melbourne

According to the Fences Act 1968 of Victoria, neighbours are jointly responsible for the construction and maintenance cost of fences.  Each neighbour is required by law to cover half of the cost associated to the fence. However, the Act also allows property owners to contribute in varied proportion in various circumstances. If you have a fence dispute with your neighbour, you should try to resolve the issue by agreement instead of allowing it to escalate into a costly and ongoing issue between you and your neighbour.

As a general rule, both neighbours are responsible for building and maintaining the fence.  In case, you’re planning to build, repair or replace a fence, you need to discuss it first with your neighbour. Make sure that you agree on how you will divide the costs, the style and design of the fence,  height, location, materials, where to get fencing supplies in Melbourne, colours, how long it will take to build, replace or repair, who will get quotes and hire contractors. If you’re planning to build timber fences, you may also want to discuss who gets to choose the “flat side” of it.

It is important to get one or two written quotations from fencing contractors. Discuss this with your neighbour and try to reach an agreement. To prevent later arguments, once you have reached an agreement it is important to put it in writing.  You can do this by giving each party a copy of the written quotation with the amount each agrees to pay.  Both neighbours should sign the quotation. Make sure that the document is appropriately detailed.

In case, you cannot reach a proper agreement, serve a Notice to Fence to the other party. This is a formal notice under s.6 of the Fencing Act which demands you or your neighbour to contribute to the expenses involved in fencing the boundary line of your adjoining lots.

Quick Tips on Maintaining Timber Fences

timber fencing

timber fencing in Melbourne


A nice looking fence will surely enhance the curb appeal of your home. Likewise, a lousy looking fence can spoil the exterior look of your property. Luckily, there are a couple of maintenance tips that you can easily follow, even if you don’t know anything about fence repair and maintenance.

Tip#1 – Check for hornets, killer bees and wasps nests

Bees and other insects may find it appealing to build nests on your fence. If you find one, it can be a serious safety hazard not just for you and your family, but to the neighbours as well. You should immediately have it removed before doing any maintenance or repair procedure. Consider calling a professional to help you get rid of these pesky fence dwellers.

Tip#2 – Do a Full Visual Inspection

Once you are certain that your fence is safe from bees, properly check all posts of the fence. Thoroughly inspect both sides and note areas where there are missing, damaged, crooked or leaning posts.

Tip#3 – Stain and Paint

Among the most important things you should do to keep your timber paling fences sturdy and looking new is to apply a fresh coat of stain or paint. Staining can provide better protection to your fence than painting. This makes maintenance a lot easier because a stain seeps further into wood than paint. Furthermore, staining will free you from having to deal with chipping paint.

Whether you choose staining or painting, you should do it evenly and during a good weather. It is also important to ensure that the temperature and humidity outside is compliant with the specifications written on the back of the stain or paint product.

Tip#4 – Replace Broken Posts

If you notice that there’s one or more missing posts from your fence, then you have a couple of options to choose from. You can use those extra posts or materials from when your fence was first made.  And if you purchased the fence, then you may be able to order for replacements from the same timber fencing Melbourne supplier. Another option is to replace the missing parts from scratch.

Tip#5 – Check for loose Nails

Check if there are any loose nails. You can use a hammer to remove them or put them back in place. This is a very important step in fence maintenance because loose nails can be hazardous to children and animals.

Tip #6 – Oil the Hinges

If your fence has a gate, make sure to oil its hinges once in a while. Because of constant exposure to outside elements, metal hinges tend to rust over time which results to a squeaky fence that is hard to open or close.