Guide for Homeowners about Timber Fences

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Timber fencingĀ  has gained renown in Melbourne because of its permanence and value. It ensures absolute privacy and blends easily with your environment. Property owners can construct fences as high as 2.4 meters. The major advantage of timber fences is that these structures are appropriate for all forms of house design. Moreover, the timber fence can adapt to all weather conditions and erected in any location from flat terrains to sloping landscapes. You can always infuse a creative element to the timber containment without difficulty.

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timber fencing

The demand for this fencing style continues to grow. There are various materials that you can choose from such as hardwood.

This is considered as the original material for fences. However, you have to be aware that hardwood suppliers often run out of inventory because of timber sources. Quality also depends on forest logging. The resource is limited so prices are likely to vary. Hardwood is also quite vulnerable to pest attacks. Nevertheless, the material is durable and solid will qualities of less water absorption and decline. Your post can be impaled at 5.4 meters apart compared to pine with a span of only 4.8 meters. Hardwood is also more expensive.

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treated pine fence

On the other hand, pine is also a natural resource but supply is more ample. Pine is also treated with copper chrome arsenic to address insect problems. There is a certain grade called F-4 which is ideal for ground contact. The only problem is that pine timber has the tendency to dry out after construction. This leads to possible twisting or reduction in size. You can also expect a certain discoloration after six months.

There are three fundamental designs for paling fences. One is the ordinary side-by-side paling. Another is the lapped slats which can extend beyond 10 to 15 millimeters to conceal the gaps which normally come out after shrinking takes place. The lap and cap is similar to the lapped version although the capping runs along the fence top. It serves as protection against the end particles of paling. One of the newest trends today is to install timber fencing in Melbourne with parallel boards. The wood can be made from pine or hardwood (Merbua or Balau). The modern fence style can be left as natural, painted or stained.

Incidentally, the treatment technique which uses copper chrome arsenic was reported to be dangerous. However, the effects have not been proven so there is no truth that it has been prohibited for fencing purposes. Other treatment options can only double the costs for treatment of timber.