Make Your Fence Waterproof


Picket_Blank_FenceA fence mainly serves as a protective barrier; it also provides privacy and many other purposes. Since fences are exposed to different weather conditions and installing a fence requires considerable cost, it is necessary to value your investment by keeping your fence well-maintained.

Making your fence waterproof is one way to protect your fence from building up decay that leads to serious damages. Here are some ways to waterproof your fence and maintain that superior condition for years.

Clean Wood Fences

Regular cleaning of wood fences can minimize damage. Dirt and debris covering the wood and were not removed for a long time will lead to decay, shortening the fence’s life and reducing its appeal.

Apply Waterproofer

Before waterproofing, the wood fence should be cleaned up completely with a special cleaning solution. Spray the solution on the wood’s surface and for around 15 minutes, let it soak in. When the solution sets, use a stiff brush to scrub the fence and then with water, rinse it away. To avoid moisture to be locked into the wood that causes decay, it is wise to let the wood fence to dry totally for around three days.

With a sprayer or an applicator pad, apply the waterproofer. Make the layer application thin and neat. Continue working till the fence surface is completely covered.

Test Wood for Waterproofing/Weatherproof

At some time, there will be noticeable reduction of waterproofing and also weathering on the fence’s wood surface. To keep the wood surface from deteriorating, it is necessary to maintain the wood fence as weatherproof. Check if the waterproof barrier in your wood fences is effective by making this simple test. Sprinkle some water on the wood surface and observe what happens. When the wood turned darker in color for a few seconds it shows that the wood absorbed the water. This signifies that an additional waterproof barrier coat is needed on the wood.  However, if the water stays like beads on the wood surface, the waterproofing is enough and additional application is not needed.

With simple maintenance, you can keep your fences sturdy, attractive, and functional for years.