Quality Wood Fences for Your Home

Getting quality fence for your home is one the best investments that you can get for your house. There are different quality materials which you can use for your property. Quality wood fences have a life span of 20 years at least with exception of course to concrete fences. Steel fence also have a lifespan of about 20-25 years before the rust kicks in. Choosing a wood can be difficult but also rewarding.

These are some of the best options when you choose timber available in the market:

  1. Merbau – This type of wood is quality hardwood which stands the pressure of the elements. You can use this both outdoors and indoors. As a fence, there are pre-cut Merbau picket fences or long 4 x 2 timber which can serve as a wood plank. This is perfect for fencing swimming pools.
  2. Red Cedar – This timber has a good nature feel. Its dark grains look better not painted. It has that red and brownish color that looks great for property lining. It is best as 6 to 8 foot panels. This wood stands the tests of the elements. It is naturally resistant to moisture and insect infestation.
  3. White Oak – This type of wood is great for decorative purposes. It is great because of its ray fleck patterns. Although the wood is mostly used for furniture, flooring and veneer, the wood is not to be mistaken only for its decorative purposes but can withstand the elements. This is not to be mistaken from red oak as well. Although the color can be closely deceiving, white oaks are much more resistant to rot and can withstand rain.
  4. Pressure Treated Lumber – Pressure treatment can give an ordinary wood like Pine a longer life span. There are different lumbers to choose from which are affordable.

If you are not sure with which timber to choose, you can always consult with a timber supplier. They will educate you on different types of timber to use for your fence. Timber suppliers are the best people to talk to when it comes to fencing. There are precut timber and also made to order timber which suits your style and budget. Contact the nearest timber supplier for a quotation.