Quick Tips on Maintaining Timber Fences

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A nice looking fence will surely enhance the curb appeal of your home. Likewise, a lousy looking fence can spoil the exterior look of your property. Luckily, there are a couple of maintenance tips that you can easily follow, even if you don’t know anything about fence repair and maintenance.

Tip#1 – Check for hornets, killer bees and wasps nests

Bees and other insects may find it appealing to build nests on your fence. If you find one, it can be a serious safety hazard not just for you and your family, but to the neighbours as well. You should immediately have it removed before doing any maintenance or repair procedure. Consider calling a professional to help you get rid of these pesky fence dwellers.

Tip#2 – Do a Full Visual Inspection

Once you are certain that your fence is safe from bees, properly check all posts of the fence. Thoroughly inspect both sides and note areas where there are missing, damaged, crooked or leaning posts.

Tip#3 – Stain and Paint

Among the most important things you should do to keep your timber paling fences sturdy and looking new is to apply a fresh coat of stain or paint. Staining can provide better protection to your fence than painting. This makes maintenance a lot easier because a stain seeps further into wood than paint. Furthermore, staining will free you from having to deal with chipping paint.

Whether you choose staining or painting, you should do it evenly and during a good weather. It is also important to ensure that the temperature and humidity outside is compliant with the specifications written on the back of the stain or paint product.

Tip#4 – Replace Broken Posts

If you notice that there’s one or more missing posts from your fence, then you have a couple of options to choose from. You can use those extra posts or materials from when your fence was first made.  And if you purchased the fence, then you may be able to order for replacements from the same timber fencing Melbourne supplier. Another option is to replace the missing parts from scratch.

Tip#5 – Check for loose Nails

Check if there are any loose nails. You can use a hammer to remove them or put them back in place. This is a very important step in fence maintenance because loose nails can be hazardous to children and animals.

Tip #6 – Oil the Hinges

If your fence has a gate, make sure to oil its hinges once in a while. Because of constant exposure to outside elements, metal hinges tend to rust over time which results to a squeaky fence that is hard to open or close.