Replacing Picket Fences in Melbourne: How to Properly Replace Damaged Planks

Throughout time, your fences will grow old and you will probably have to replace your fence. If you have the budget to replace everything, well and good if you don’t there is a way to replace only the damaged slats and restore your fences to look like new.

If you have a wooden fence, it is most likely to show its age in about 10 years depending on the weather conditions and the wood treatment and hardiness. Merbau timber is one of the toughest timbers that you can install as a fence. Even if you have the toughest timber they still will grow old and can be damaged.

So, how do you properly repair the damaged planks?

First off, go over the fences and count the number of planks you need to be replaced. You do not want to make two trips to you’re the hardware to buy fencing supplies in Melbourne. If you have 16 planks to replace, buy about 20 planks. You never can tell if you might need an extra plank replaced. It is better that you have more supplies than the exact number.

Before you go to the supplier, bring with you one plank as a sample if you do not know the model of the timber. The store will be able to help you look for the timber that matches what you need.

Once you have bought all the timber and supplies you need. Remove the damaged planks. Hammer the new planks or screw them in place. If your planks are painted, sand off your newly replaced planks before painting them. It is best to paint the whole fence once you are done replacing the planks so that you can have that uniform look. If you are going for the natural color of the wood, you will have to sand off everything, both old and new planks to make it look like new.

Finally, brush varnish on the wood. This helps the fence look like new and also makes the wood resist decay. Save money and replace damaged planks properly instead of redoing the whole fence.