Using Oil to Bring Back the Luster in Your Paling Fences

Throughout time, wooden fences will lose its luster. It will look old and faded because of its exposure to the elements. It is natural for the wood to look old and dry or moist up but with the help of oil, you can restore the look of your paling fences and make it look like new. The natural process of any cut timber is that it will bleed out its natural oil to preserve its life and luster but since it was cut all the oil it has inside will eventually be consumed. Once the oil is gone, it will be prone to getting dry and it will eventually decay.

One solution to decay problems is to paint the wood. Painting the timber will certainly make the timber look good. But the downside here is that you will not see the natural grain beauty of the timber. Once you painted the timber either white or brown or any color you want remember it is going to be hard to undo this. It is not going to be easy to scrape off the paint in the future even with thinner and paint remover. The paint will destroy the luster of the timber and what you have to do is just to repaint it again.

If you have preserved the natural looking grains of the fence, then don’t go painting it yet to make it look new again. Oiling is the best solution to make the wood like new again. Oil sinks inside the grains of the wood. What this does is make the timber feel like it is new again. It also makes the wood resist decay. If you will notice, the natural grains will not be rough anymore but have a smoother texture. Use proper timber oil and brush for oil application.

By oiling your fences, you make it more mould and water resistant. The timber will refuse to crack or blister. You will make your fence more durable. It is never too late to think about restoring the luster of your paling fence. You can restore its new look with just a simple oil application.